‎Justn Harmala‎ to Comet Air Duct Cleaning
May 1, 2015 · Billings, MT · 
Thanks fellas for coming out. Much appreciated. Professional and a very fair price ! Lizards ?

Laura Yaeger‎ to Comet Air Duct Cleaning
May 4, 2015, · 
My husband suffers miserably from allergies, all year round. Every time our air conditioning turns on he would have a terrible allergy attract. We had our duct clean and sanitized this past week, he could feel the difference right away! Thank You Comet Air Duct Cleaning!

‎Flash Stunning‎ to Comet Air Duct Cleaning
May 19, 2016, · 
You can't go wrong with Comet, And very reasonably priced.

Steven Heishman
 October 18, 2017
Best company around to clean your air ducts. Give Gary a call you won't regret it

Joe Cross
 · July 1, 2018
What a great experience and I would recommend them... Thank you!!

Paul Cullen Fairbanks
 · July 1, 2018
Used them earlier this year. Fast and great service at an even better price!

Bryna Paull Barfknecht
July 8th
Great service! Friendly people! Highly recommend!